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Mudri Dolac

Mudri Dolac is a small traditional fishermen village located on the Island Hvar, known as being one of the 10 most beautiful islands in the world (The Traveller, 1997).

Hvar is the sunniest, the most fragrant, the most pleasant and the most beautiful island in Croatia.

The climate on the Island is ideal. Winters are mild, summers are dry and sunny. The average temperature in summer is not exceeding 26°C. Normally, around noon, a light breeze is blowing from the sea and refreshing the air.

Mudri Dolac is ideally located in the beautiful bay of Jelsa, in front of the Zecevo Island.

The Lusic family is established in Mudri Dolac since many generations and is known for its hospitality. The domain is now kept by the young Lusic family generation: Jurica & Antonella, speaking good english.

Jurica is a fisherman. In the evening you will grill the fish he caught in the night.